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Denmark’s Dynaudio PRO has new products in its Core series of studio monitor speakers and Core Bracket mounts. With price tags north of EUR 2000, the active Core 47 and Core Sub are a substantial investment. But given the kind of quality you can expect of Dynaudio in this price range, these should be worth checking out.

Core 47

Number 47 fills the “mid-range product” gap in the Core line-up by means of a 3-way speaker with Class D amplification from Pascal, a combined 1150 Watts of power (good for up to 118dB max SPL), bass extension down to 37Hz and highs reaching 31kHz. The 1-inch tweeter is made by Esotar Pro and is based on a neodymium magnet, while the 4-inch mid speaker uses an magnesium silicate polymer membrane, an aluminum voice coil, and a neodymium magnet system. The 7-inch woofer is identical to that from the Core 7 model that shipped earlier this year and the crossover frequencies are listed as 475Hz and 5.25kHz. The speaker has three room correction/placement settings – Anechoic (for mounting on a speaker stand inside an acoustically treated room), Desk (while on a workstation or the meter bridge of a mixer), and Soffit (for mounting in wall recesses). It features analog and AES 3 (up to 24-bit/192kHz) inputs and a bass reflex port on the front.

How much for all that? GBP 1995 or around EUR 2229.

Core Sub

Core Sub is a matched subwoofer that goes down to 13.5 Hz, promising flat frequency response down to 15 Hz and describing a 6 dB drop occuring at 13.5Hz, the very lowest frequency. The highest freq is 200 Hz, with flat response guaranteed at up to 165 Hz. The sub is powered by a 1000W Class D amplifier from Pascal and houses four 9-inch woofers. Maximum SPL is rated at up to 120dB, which makes me think about hearing 15 Hz at 120 dB as my preferred method of dyi… transcending to the netherworld. The Core Sub has the same analog and AES3 inputs and can be stacked with other Core Series monitors, wall-recessed or wall-mounted. It can also be configured for a 2.1 setup or an LFE cinema channel with the flick of a switch.

For GBP 3150 or around EUR 3520, this sub had better shake the ground like the Death Grips’ live show.

Core Bracket

The Core Bracket is built by Germany’s K&M and facilitates the mounting of Core 7 or Core 47 to ceilings. It also functions as a desktop stand with the included adapter. Vertical angles up to 30 degrees and horizontal angles up to 45 degrees are possible when mounting. Core Bracket is worth GBP 160, or around EUR 179.

More information

Visit the Dynaudio page and watch the videos below:

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