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Spectrasonics lineup

Spectrasonics lineup  ·  Source: Spectrasonics


This company is probably the least prolific and slowest moving developer of virtual instruments. Keyscape was their last release over a year ago and other than Omnisphere 2 that’s it for what feels like decades. Back at the turn of the century, they were one of the most awesome developers out there with Stylus, Trillian and Omnisphere giving us some fabulous noises. But then their ideas seem to dry up. Now they are back in the news, not with a new product but because their plug-ins can now be run standalone! Whew! That’s stunning, thank-you, Spectrasonics.


No, that’s about it. Apparently, there are a few enhancements and they now have an updater app that keeps your software up-to-date. At least the updates are free. They are spoiling us.

I do love your instruments, I just wish there were more of them.

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5 responses to “NAMM 2018: Spectrasonics releases some small updates and calls it news”

  1. Alex Brunori says:

    I do not agree… First of all, having them standalone IS a big thing, especially for touring musicians. Second, their huge strength come from the fact that they do NOT flood the market with a ton of cheaply researched and cheaply produced plug-ins, but focus on few core products that have become the state – of – the – art solutions. Who on earth doesn’t use Omnisphere? My only wishes is that they could follow the example of Arturia and start producing the hardware versions of these immense products.

  2. Delon Lawrence says:

    You guys couldn’t be more wrong in your description of spectrasonics development. I would never purchase another NI plugin. Why? They make new stuff every year that comes no where near spectrasonics. Spectrasonics products may take a while, but when they arrive they crush all pass and future virtual instruments. Whoever the cynics are that wrote this article need to take a walk in the sun. You don’t qualify to put down Spectrasonics until you have done what they did.—-revolutionize the music scene.

  3. Conor says:

    Is this supposed to be a review? The standalone products are great, have you tried them? Hey and listen if you don’t like Spectrasonics stuff you don’t have to use it. By the way, I’m wondering who you think IS more prolific and speedy when it comes to producing quality instruments? Others might push out things faster, but not usually at the quality level of Omnisphere and Keyscape. I’d rather wait for a quality product than a bunch of useless updates.

  4. Russ Hughes says:

    They create more light than heat, in other words they do things right and that means they don’t have to release endless filler products. A little research would help you know that they are consistently the top selling VIs on the market, so they can’t be doing that much wrong.

  5. LRC says:

    Totally agree with you. There’s a difference between taking its time and taking too long. Stylus RMX is now close to obsolete. Keyscape is great for keyboardists but is essentially reviving past instruments rather than creating a new one. Omnisphere is a killer product, I just wished that SPectrasonics gets a bi more creative than just make us wait for years to have old synths beeing sampled and standalone versions.

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