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Schecter Synyster Acoustic SYN-AC-GA-SC NAMM

Synyster Gates Acoustic SYN-AC-GA-SC in striking silver pinstripe.  ·  Source: Lars Mullen

Schecter Synyster Acoustic SYN-AC-GA-SC NAMM

Synyster Gates Acoustic  ·  Source:

Schecter’s new acoustic is part of their Synyster 2016 guitar range and comes in the now pretty recognisable silver pin stripes and with the ‘iconic’ headstock. This should keep all those closet metal heads happy.

The SYN AC-GA SC is made with a mahogany body and neck with a spruce top and uses a DoveTail set-neck. It’s also been fitted with a Schecter Acoustic Piezo pick-up system including 3-band EQ and on-board tuner.

The finish is pretty striking, as is the headstock. This in’t really my thing at all, but I’m sure some people will really love it. It has bats and a skull (a ‘Deathbat’, apparently) as fretboard inlays as well, which is sure to heighten its appeal for the alternative metal crowd.

Looks seem to be a major part of the philosophy behind this range, and they really do stand out from other instruments. So, if you’re looking for an acoustic with a more distincitive visual presence, then maybe this could be the guitar for you.

RRP GBP £529

SGR-18AC “Case Sold Separately”

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