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The iConnect Audio2+ is the latest interface from iConnectivity. Their particular angle is the unique ability to connect their interfaces to two computers at the same time – this can be iPad, Mac or PC. It creates a digital bridge between your computers so, for instance, you could run audio from your Windows DAW through some effects app on the iPad and back into your computer completely in the digital domain. It really is an interesting and versatile idea.


The Audio2+ is bus powered and connects via USB, although you can add a power supply if you’d like to charge your iPad at the same time. On the front is a large data knob and a capacitive touch display for configuring the inputs, levels and outputs. You have two recording combi inputs for mics, guitars and line levels and six outputs on the back comprising of 4 line level outputs and a headphone output which is also independent and can act as another two outputs. The welcome addition of MIDI in/out rounds off this neat and minimalist interface.


The routing and digital bridging is all controlled via their iConfig software. When connecting two computers the second appears as a channel strip in the other computers iConfig monitoring mixer. From there you can get into the routing patchbay to send audio anywhere you want, to either computer and back again. You can also do the same with MIDI. I often come across people wanting to expand into having a second computer, something that will run additional VST instruments or plug-ins and are having to mess around with routing audio and MIDI over networks. The iConnect interfaces could make this very easy indeed. It’s the sort of technology that should be standard on all interfaces. For me they don’t yet have the perfect product but it’s good to see them expanding.

The iConnect Audio2+ should be available soon for a price of 199 USD.

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