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M-Audio MidiSport  ·  Source: M-Audio

Difficult as it may be to drum up excitement over such things as MIDI interfaces, M-Audio are doing their best with the long overdue update to the classic, last-MIDI-interface-standing, the MIDISport. The genius idea is to add a 3-port USB 3.0 hub – and it is actually one of the most useful things to happen to a MIDI interface in a long time. I’ve said this many times that all MIDI gear should at the very least have a ‘Thru’ port and ideally have a hub’s worth of USB sockets, as it’s the one thing we’re always running out of.

Otherwise, apart from a fresh paint job, the MIDISport Hub 2×2 (49.99 GBP) and 4×4 (89.99 GBP) are unchanged in their ability to route MIDI in and out of computers and flash their lights when it happens. Always useful, always working and now with a worthwhile bonus feature that’ll be helpful to anyone needing a new interface, although it’s unlikely to tempt many people into upgrading.

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