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Mastodon Friedman Buttslax Bill Kelliher

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The long-mooted Friedman ‘Butterslax’ Bill Kelliher signature amp model has been shown at NAMM. Bill has been seen onstage with a ‘prototype’, so it looks like we will finally get to hear this amp.

So, the rumours were true, it would seem. Pretty much everyone on the guitar forums from to and every forum in between have been whispering about this one over the last six months or so.

The company already makes signature heads for Jerry Cantrell, Steve Stevens and Phil X. They have a reputation for making great amps for some pretty big names in the guitar world already. Obviously, Mastodon are known for being pretty heavy, so expect this new one to sound huge. Friedman know a thing or two about making amps. I stumbled across this ‘Butterslax’ demo today, and it sounds truly massive!

No official details are available as yet, so just sit back listen and enjoy. There is some basic info over on their Facebook page though.

UPDATE 24/01/2016

More details here!

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