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Lacey GHR Amp Range 2016 NAMM

Lacey GHR Amp Range  ·  Source:

Lacey GH50R amp combo

Lacey GH50R 212 2x12 combo  ·  Source: Rupert

Lacey GH50R head cab

Lacey GH50R head  ·  Source: Rupert

Laney GHR Amp Range NAMM 2016 GH100R

Laney GHR100R Amp head range  ·  Source: Lars Mullen


Sitting somewhere between Laney’s Lionhearts and Ironhearts, the new GHR line-up comprises a 100-watt head, 50-watt head, 50-watt 2×12 combo and two cabinets: a 4×12 and 2×12.


What sets the GHR range apart according to Laney is its ability to blend the amount of output section in a guitarist’s signal by balancing the amount of preamp distortion against the power amp gain using the master output control.

Laney amps have been used by the likes of Tony Iommi and Paul Gilbert, who both know a thing or two about great tone. I myself still own a ‘90s Laney VC50 and love it! So, it’s good to see this UK company release a new line up of amplifiers for 2016.

I like the idea of being able to not just rely on preamp gain for your tone. Most players know that their amps sound nicer when they are cranked, as the power tubes start to contribute to the sound. Only problem is that the volume then goes way higher than many venues can handle. So if this new way of incorporating power amp saturation into your amp’s tone works then it could be a lot of fun.

All the amps in the range also feature an effects loop, aux in, footswitch jack and XLR DI out with switchable cab simulation. Prices are as follows:


GH100R – GBP 799
GH50R – GBP 649
GH50R-212 – GBP 949
GS212VR – GBP 359
GS412VR – GBP 599

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Laney GHR Amp Range NAMM 2016 GH100R

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