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Sound Magic Nameless Piano

Sound Magic Nameless Piano  ·  Source: Sound Magic


Two grand pianos brought together through sampling and modelling with unique sound characteristics as the mysterious Nameless Grand.


Nameless Grand

This is powered by the Neo Piano Hybrid Modelling Engine which allows them to build instruments based on a combination of sampling and modelling. The idea is that the sampling brings the authentic sound while the modelling works on how it plays, how you interact with the samples and the expression you can give it.

Nameless Grand moves away from brand name pianos and snaps up what they are calling the Texas Grand, an American piano which they say sounds fantastic, and the Baby Neo which is a customised baby grand. What makes these two pianos interesting is difficult to say but Sound Magic believed they would make for an excellent virtual instrument.

Sound Magic use a “True Piano Dynamic” system to guide over 65,000 velocity layers that can be felt with every key. That’s a lot of layers. They say this offers 400 times more variation than regular sample engines for a rich and vivid sounds representation.

They’ve worked on special staccato modes, they’ve added several resonances to enhance the soundboard reflections, string resonances and sympathetic resonance. And taken it all the way to modelled damping with full time, tracking and release controls.


Sound Magic has developed some amazing technologies that enable them to produce some quite extraordinary virtual instruments. The sound demos of the Nameless Grand are sublime.

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Nameless Grand is available now for $99 which is 50% off the retail price for macOS and Windows.

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Sound Magic Nameless Piano

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One response to “Nameless Grand: unique hybrid piano combination from Sound Magic”

    Joe B says:

    Nice to see the detailed focus on velocity. Expression is as important as the sound. Wish more keyboards would include release velocity and aftertouch.

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