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Nakedboards CV-8

Nakedboards CV-8  ·  Source: Nakedboards


The Nakedboards CV-8 is a USB-to-CV interface for Eurorack that takes MIDI CC data from any USB MIDI controller and converts it to CV.



It’s a pretty simple idea. Plug your USB MIDI controller into the USB port on the front and you’ll get CV coming out of the 8 outputs. It’s designed for Nakedboards own MC-8 fader MIDI controller which gives you 8 faders running different MIDI CC numbers, but you can plug anything into it and make things happen.

The key thing to know is that you’re dealing with MIDI Control Change (CC) numbers and not “note on/off ” sort of MIDI. It’s interested in modulation, in generating CV in response to MIDI fader and MIDI knob movements rather than key presses. So it’s perfect for the knobs across the top of your MIDI keyboard but not the keys themselves.


The MIDI channels, CC’s, the maximum and minimum voltage of each CV output is configurable and can be set up using an online settings page. The voltage range is -5 to +10V.

This could be a really useful module for repurposing MIDI controllers that you might already have knocking about. For instance I have an SSF Muton which gives you 8 channels of muting with CV control over each input. With the CV-8 and a MIDI fader bank I could turn it into an 8 channel mixer while only using up a handful of HP – nice.

The CV-8 is available now and ships direct from Moscow for $99 plus shipping.

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Nakedboards CV-8

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    HorseLips says:

    Cool stuff. Wish they had a USA distributor (update me if I’m wrong). Thanks 🙂

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