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MPiano  ·  Source:

MPiano  ·  Source:

MPiano  ·  Source:!portfolio/c18el

Trade shows always manage to throw up something you hadn’t expected or perhaps even wanted to see but tucked away in piano aisles of Musikmesse was something of pure music technology futurism. If Sid Mead designed instruments this is what we’d have.

The MPiano is a conceptual instrument from ALPHA Pianos known as a “mechatronic” piano. The resistance of each key can be individually adjusted via actuators hidden in the mechanism. All the adjustment is done via a tablet app and apparently the keys can actually feel physically different under your fingers. The top is covered with touch-sensitive material so that you can slide your fingers up and down to add MPE (Multi-dimensional Polyphony Expression) expression in the way of those ROLI controllers. I guess the idea is that make the keybed feel like any sort of keyboard based instrument, from concert grand to church organ or something not yet imagined.

The design is completely stunning. I’ve only seen pictures and have no idea what it feels like to play or heard from anyone who’s had a go but it’s a fascinating if perhaps a bit of a niché idea. I get the feeling the future will be expensive.

The website says it will be available soon:!portfolio/c18el

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