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“Do you have something that can remove vocals from a piece of music” was one of the frequently asked questions I’d hear when working at Turnkey music shop to which the answer was always “no, that’s actually really hard to do without messing the rest of the music about” – I’d use helpful, if patronising, metaphors about eggs and baking cakes and such like . So all these budding cover version performers would leave downhearted having to face the idea of buying karaoke versions of their favourite tracks. Not any more – although I don’t think karaoke is the aim of this game.


Audionamix started out in the business of audio restoration and forensic analysis for record labels who wanted to massage the vocals on a track but didn’t have the access to multi-tracks or the time for remixing. ADX Trax Pro 3 is their most friendly version to date offering a spectral analysis style graphical interface that allows you to isolate and extract vocals out of mixed music. The software does an amazing job of pulling the majority of it out automatically leaving you a set of tools to tweak and adjust to get the music and vocals separated. You end up working between these two files, the vocal extraction and the music, and the software lets you highlight something in one that then gets moved to the other so you can quickly remove wrongly identified material or pickup things that were missed. When the two files are combined they always equal the original file so the editing is completely non-destructive.


Once you’ve isolated the vocal you can then do as you please in terms of tuning, movement, level and equalization before re-combing as a finished piece.

ADX Trax Pro 3 will be available in May for OSX for $499 or $32.99 a month on subscription.

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