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Moog Minimoog Model D

Moog Minimoog Model D  ·  Source: Moog Music


We had a year of getting used to being able to purchase (or at least aspire to purchase) a brand new Moog Model D, and now it’s gone. Moog Music have discontinued the reissue of the MiniMoog Model D, that was originally discontinued in 1981.


Model D discontinued

Moog Music are saying that they basically ran out of parts. The interest and number of orders was far greater than they had anticipated. They imagined they’d be knocking these out for a few years, but they’ve used up all their inventory and so it’s time to stop. It does beg the question – why not get more parts? Maybe Behringer have already bought up all the particular components.

Did Behringer kill the Model D?

It’s also very interesting that this happens right at the time that Behringer are about to release their Model D clone for a fraction of the price of the real thing. Roland’s SE-02 is also offering reflections of the Model D in their new Boutique synth. Maybe Moog have gotten tired of explaining why the Minimoog Model D retails for $3500 whereas the Behringer D will be $299. Is it cynical to suggest that by ending production Moog retains a sense of exclusivity and so are able to maintain the high price and high desirability of the Minimoog that a mass market synth simply won’t have?

Moog moving on

There’s no doubt that Moog Music are highly regarded in the industry. They are old school builders of synthesizers who can do what they like and charge what they feel is appropriate. Many of us will never have the money own a Moog product. So to get that sound, in hardware, for a couple of hundred dollars is very attractive. You can’t really blame Behringer or Roland for wanting to offer something amazing to the mass market. And from Moog’s perspective maybe it’s time for something new:


Not simply a story of life coming full circle, but rather an example of life’s upwardly spiraling nature. We find ourselves at once returning to a point in the past, but with the perspective and knowledge of the present, forever on a path to the future.

I’m looking forward to something new and awesome from Moog Music in the very near future. More information on the Moog Music website.

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Moog Minimoog Model D

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