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Mooer updates X2 Series with D7 X2 Delay and R7 X2 Reverb

Mooer updates X2 Series with D7 X2 Delay and R7 X2 Reverb  ·  Source: Mooer

Mooer updates X2 Series with D7 X2 Delay and R7 X2 Reverb

Mooer updates X2 Series with D7 X2 Delay and R7 X2 Reverb  ·  Source: YouTube/Mooer


Mooer has just announced significant updates to its D7 delay and R7 reverb pedals. Dubbed the X2 Series, the new versions have an additional footswitch for infinite and tap functions as well as preset scrolling, letting you access the 14 LED-distinguishable effects with your feet.


Mooer X2 Series

Both the new Mooer D7 X2 Delay and the R7 X2 Reverb come factory loaded with 14 individual sounds distinguished (like the original versions) via LED lights along one side of the pedal. That’s handy because you can always see which you have selected. Both pedals are also stereo, ideal for more complex setups involving two amps. You now also get an additional footswitch, designed for tap tempo or infinite sustain functions as well as selecting the 14 presets. These updates aren’t just adding more sounds but also useful features, compared to the previous D7 Delay and R7 Reverb.

D7 X2 Delay

The stereo D7 X2 Delay gives you High Cut, Low Cut, and Mix for adjusting the EQ. The Decay and Pre-Delay knobs let you set the intensity of each effect. Tweak 1 and Tweak 2 have various functions depending on which delay you have selected.

Mooer D7 X2 Delay

Mooer D7 X2 Delay with extra footswitch and 14 presets · Source: Mooer

Trail-on or Infinite

The pedal also has Infinite and Trail-on options, so you can tailor how each effect fades out when you are using the delay. The delay algorithms onboard include Analog and Tape, plus Low-Bit, Galaxy and PingPong. The tap tempo footswitch lets you adjust the time on the fly.


R7 X2 Reverb

Like the D7 X2, the R7 X2 Reverb is stereo, wirth a similar set of controls. These include High Cut, Low Cut and Mix, plus Decay and Pre-Delay, and the same Infinite and Trail-on options.

Mooer R7 X2 Reverb

Mooer R7 X2 Reverb · Source: Mooer

Reverbs and Ambiences

This pedal combines the sounds from Mooer’s previous A7 Ambience* pedal and the original version of the R7 Reverb*. The tones on offer include Room, Plate, Shake, Shimmer and Dream. You can run all of them in stereo.

Mooer R7 X2 Reverb with list of effects

Mooer R7 X2 Reverb with a list of effects · Source: Mooer


The web pages for the two pedals don’t list all the included effects, instead you have to download the manual to see the full list. On the R7 X2 Reverb, you can see the names listed on the side. Both pedals will run from an external 9V centre negative power supply.

Prices have yet to be officially announced and so hopefully these will be wallet-friendly, which we expect from this brand anyway.

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Mooer updates X2 Series with D7 X2 Delay and R7 X2 Reverb

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