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Mooer Micro Preamp pedals - Phoenix, Cali-MkIV and Custom 100

Mooer Micro Preamp pedals - Phoenix, Cali-MkIV and Custom 100  ·  Source: Mooer


Mooer adds three new models of its “Micro Preamp” family. The Mooer micro-preamp models 016, 017 and 018 are named Phoenix, Cali-MkIV and Custom 100. But can you guess which amps they are based on?



According to the manufacturer, the Mooer Phoenix pays homage to “modern metal amps developed in Germany”. Anyway, Mooer promises punchy and dark lower mids, a tight bass foundation and gain until you drop. The Clean Channel should offer everything from crystal clear to crunchy Crunch. The gain channel is designed to deliver anything from fat rock rhythms to heavy metal riffs to glowing lead lines. At least that’s what the press release says.


Mooer Phoenix · Source: Mooer


The Mooer Cali-MkIV is clearly about Golden State on the west coast of the United States. Of course, Cali stands for California. And what is meant by the ultimate compact and versatile Californian combos, now in the form of this new Mooer Micro preamp. The Micro Preamp 017 Cali-MkIV is intended to map two channels – clean and gain, from one of the most popular modern session player amps.

The clean channel should sound “shimmering and lively”, the gain channel should convince with “purring blues sounds, grinding crunch and high-flying lead sounds”. Yes, that sounds like California.

Mooer Cali - MKIV

Mooer Cali – MKIV · Source: Mooer

Custom 100

The Mooer Custom 100 is based on a 100 watt strong “Plexi style” boutique amplifier model. According to Mooer, they want a versatile all-rounder, which is clearly based on a certain UK amp model. Of course, with this model, there are also two channels. They are intended to provide a wide range of EQ and gain settings. The clean channel should be able to produce both American shimmer in the “F” style and “English heat”. The Drive Channel, on the other hand, is said to sound classically British with a modern twist and, according to Mooer, delivers a very wide gain range

Mooer Custom 100

Mooer Custom 100 · Source: Mooer

Can you guess the amps?

The three new preamp pedals aren’t listed on the official Mooer site at the time of me writing this article but should be on there soon, so keep checking in on the link below. Based on what I’ve told you can you guess the amp models these three new pedals are based on?

RRP – EUR 89.90 available from 19 August

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Mooer Micro Preamp pedals - Phoenix, Cali-MkIV and Custom 100

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