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Mojotone Custom BlackOut British Head

Mojotone Custom BlackOut British Head  ·  Source: Mojotone

Mojotone has just announced the rather splendid new Custom BlackOut British Head. The amp follows on the success of the company’s Blackout British 18-watt combo, but in a head format. The amp features a hand-wired circuit, and a build that is ready to withstand the rigours of touring.

Mojotone Custom BlackOut British Head

The Mojotone BlackOut series of amps, including the Select we covered a while ago, look really swish in their blacked out finishes. And the newest addition to the series, the mighty Custom BlackOut British Head promises enough power and grunt to cause some serious damage, with a whole heap of cool thrown in for good measure.

Mojotone British Blackout Head

Mojotone British Blackout Head

Made in the USA

This Class A/B cathode biased amp is built in Burgaw, NC, USA and uses hand-wired turret board construction, so it should be pretty bomb-proof. It comes loaded with a pair of 6V6 output tubes and three ECC83 preamp tubes, and a single EZ81 tube rectifier. You get JJs tubes and Mojo Dijon capacitors, along with Carbon composition resistors and Heyboer transformers.

Mojotone Custom BlackOut British Head

Mojotone Custom BlackOut British Head made to play loud

Clean Headroom

The head pumps out 18 Watts of power. Don’t be fooled by power equalling decibels here, as this puppy will be loud enough, I think, to deafen you nicely. You get two channels with three inputs, and a single Master Volume control for both channels, along with controls for Bass, Middle, Treble and Preamp on one side, and Tone and Volume on the other, cleaner right-hand channel. In theory, the 6V6 power tubes should provide more headroom, making this amp head an ideal platform for your pedals on that cleaner right-hand channel. Or you can choose to rock out on the left hand ‘dirty’ channel, making this a pretty versatile unit.

Classic Marshall tones

The dirt channel is inspired by the classic hot-rodded Marshall JCM800/2204 gain sound. So if you’re looking for that hot-rodded Marshall sound in a durable unit, the Mojotone Custom BlackOut British is definitely worth checking out. There is no channel switching via footswitches or effects loop here, however you can use an A/B footswitch to go between channels if you really need to.

The amp sounds fantastic in the demo videos below, and looks built to last a lifetime. I like it.

RRP – USD 1099.99

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