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Modbap CLRS

Modbap CLRS  ·  Source: Modbap Modular


Modbap CLRS picks up where HUE left off and delivers DJ-style filtering, tape saturation, overdrive, digital lo-fi goodness, and compression in a colorful stereo module.


Modbap CLRS

For Superbooth 24, Modbap Modular took 2022’s HUE, turned it into a stereo module, and added a bunch of new features. And although this is Eurorack, this type of thing makes so much more sense in stereo, as DJ-style filtering, compression, saturation, and coloring are things most commonly applied to full mixes and stems.

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More Information

Like HUE, CLRS combines a DJ filter with a chain of effects for adding warmth, saturation, compression, and even digital lo-fi vibes to your signals. The filter has a single knob. Turn it counter-clockwise, and you’ve got a lowpass filter. Turn it clockwise, and it becomes a highpass. This is great for DJ-style effects, but also for quickly adjusting the frequency balance of a mix.

Next up is the Drive stage, which does subtle saturation, aggressive distortion, and everything in between. A new Width control puts the stereo width at your fingertips. Then comes Mag, which replaces the predecessor’s Tape section. Modbap says that Mag delivers analog-style tape saturation and tape distortion at the same time, controlled by a single knob.

The Lofi stage is all about vintage digital artifacts. It reduces the sample rate, recreating the sounds of old-school samplers and early digital recording devices. You can also reduce the bit depth, introducing aliasing and distortion.


In addition to this, CLRS includes a one-knob compressor for keeping the dynamics in check. Unlike HUE, it now offers a choice of three ratios. Another excellent new addition is the Duck input for sidechain compression.

With four CV inputs for the Filter, Drive, Mag, and Lofi effects, Modbap CLRS offers many creative patching opportunities.

Price and availability

Modbap CLRS will ship in June 2024 for $399.99.

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Modbap CLRS

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