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Audio technology grows increasingly robust and advanced, but there’s still room for simple, obvious, and convenient innovations. Mixed In Key Live checks these boxes for me. It’s a macOS app which quietly runs in the background and only shows up to spew out the tempo, key and scale of any music you may be listening to. We’re talking all system (computer) audio, which means all kinds of streaming services, players, and DAWs. Indeed, the harmonic analysis algorithm from Mixed In Key 10 is being put to its most relevant use here!


Mixed In Key Live – tempo, key, and scale music detection for macOS

To create this, Mixed In Key partnered with DJ and producer KSHMR – he’s definitely the kind of guy who needs his samples and tracks pitch-perfect. In addition to the key, scale and BPM of any track, the app shows you the exact notes being played at any given time. Tell you what, this seriously beats ripping sample fodder off some ad-infested YouTube video downloader, importing it in your DAW and running a guitar tuner plug-in or whatever to determine its key… and then you need the scale and tempo. I’m sure some of you will relate…

Staying on top of system audio, Mixed In Key Live hears notes from pretty much anything – streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music), media players, and your DAWs. Even incoming external audio from, say, a turntable hooked to your audio interface can be put through its motions. The app also offers a live graphic note visualiser showing the exact notes being played at any given time, alongside the track’s key, scale and bpm. Seriously, why did it ever take so long to come up with something like this?! Have my money…

Mixed In Key Live & Ableton

Mixed In Key Live and Ableton

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Mixed In Key Live is available for purchase from for USD 58.

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2 responses to “Mixed In Key Live: get the tempo, key and scale of any music, anywhere”

    JP says:

    Certainly very useful for all those old songs I recorded on cassette back in the 80s and have long since forgotten how to play. I might drag the old Fostex four track out again, digitise the lot and re-record some of them for a bit of harmless nostalgia 馃檪

    kwame kese says:

    I love your company

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