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Miso Cornflakes

Miso Cornflakes  ·  Source: Miso Modular


Cornflakes is a granular sampler for Eurorack that’s full of all the vitamins and iron your modular needs for a grain-based diet of sonic loveliness.



Well, if you call your module Cornflakes you’ve got to expect a constant stream of breakfast related puns and metaphors.

Cornflakes is the first module from Miso Modular. It’s still early days, the website is not yet finished, but with the release of a demo video Cornflakes is worth your attention. What do we know so far? Well, it’s a granular sampler so it will record sound and then let you move through tiny grains looking for delightful sounds and interesting tones. It has the ability to time-stretch, pitch-shift and produce harmonics. It’s all calibrated to 1v/oct to encourage a bit of musicality. Recording and playback can be triggered manually or via CV. You’ve got 32 slots for samples stored on an SD card and you can run audio through it live for realtime processing. You have knob and CV control over Speed, Diffusion, Harmonics, Pitch, Grain Size, Position, Trim and Distribution.

Here’s a quick demo, a larger video is available below.


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This is looking really interesting. It appears to offer a good chunk of control over the intricacies of granular sampling and manipulation. Not sure on the price yet or whether it will be available in both silver and black faceplates.

Also on the website is mention of a module called Bicycle, a dual looper, which looks exciting. I wonder what else they have up their sleeve? Maybe we’ll be seeing a variety pack of modules coming along soon?

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Miso Cornflakes

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