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Midweek Modular 26

Midweek Modular 26  ·  Source: Gearnews


This week in Midweek Modular, Tiptop releases the latest Buchla formula-based module, ADDAC gives Eurorack some XLR sockets, we have VCAs with special powers of destruction and a Dual Decay.


Tiptop Audio and Buchla Model 257t Dual Voltage Processor

The next module to come out of the Tiptop Audio and Buchla collaboration is the 257t Dual Voltage Processor. It’s one of those modules that Buchla users lap up while we Eurorack users scratch our heads. We’ve come to understand functions in terms of envelopes and shaping LFOs, but this looks like a whole other level of maths.

Tiptop 257t

Tiptop 257t · Source: Tiptop Audio

So, we have two identical sections. They generate an output voltage based upon the formula:


So that’s all as clear as mud. Ultimately you have a module that performs addition, subtraction, scaling, inversion and multiplication to any CV that you pump into it. So your best bet is to patch stuff in and see what happens.

The 257t should be available anytime now for £186.

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Tiptop Audio Model 257t

ADDAC Balanced Input and Output modules

If you want to seriously up your audio quality game then the ADDAC710 and ADDAC711 Eurorack modules will do the business. They offer whacking great big balanced XLR inputs and outputs to your Eurorack, dwarfing all other connections.

ADDAC710 and 711

ADDAC710 and 711 · Source: ADDAC

The ADDAC710 Output module simply provides the physical adaptation from minijack to XLR and neatly removes any noisy interference picked up in the cables. It also has a Lift/Float/GND switch for interrupting ground loops.

The ADDAC711 Input module has a bit more going on in the shape of a dual-channel isolated DI box with individual gain control. You have the same ground loop switch and minijack outputs at Eurorack level.

The 710 and 711 modules are available for €160 and €240, respectively. They will also be available as DIY kits.

Modulaire Maritime BLK BLC & BLK BLX Quad VCA Modules

Two new Quad VCAs from Modulaire Maritime. The BLC is linear, whereas the BLX is linear/exponential with a pair of extra knobs for setting the curve response. Otherwise, in 6HP you have a very compact 4-channel VCA.

Modulaire Maritime BLK BLC and BLK BLX

Modulaire Maritime BLK BLC and BLK BLX · Source: Modulaire Maritime

But there’s a twist in the shape of the ACAB button. ACAB stands for Advanced Calibration Amplifier Block, and it does strange and arguably wonderful things to your audio. It’s about intensity, impact, boosting and distorting and all tied into the voltage control of the VCA. It’s a bit all-or-nothing but sounds like a riot!

The BLK BLC is €145 and the BLK BLX is €165.

  • Modulaire Maritme website.
  • More from Modulaire Maritime.

Blue Lantern Modules DDK, VCFLO and SVFILTER

A triad of modules from Blue Lantern this week, taking in modulation in both LFO and envelope form and a bit of a filter.

Blue Lantern Modules

Blue Lantern Modules · Source: Blue Lantern

The DDK is a Dual Decay module that includes both a simple envelope and a VCA. The knobs at the top set the decay of the envelope, there’s no attack setting or any other stage and so this is really about percussion. The decay can be very snappy and the curve is exponential. Channel 2 has a choke feature which is an inverted input patched to the VCA. You just plug some audio in, and it will come out percussive and interestingly formed. £127.46

The Deluxe VCLFO builds on Blue Lanterns’ original VCLFO by making it wider, with better knobs. It has triangle, sine, sinus, and spike waveforms which can all be distorted by the Skew knob. £127.46.

Mono Blades SVFILTER looks very much like the VCLFO, but this is a single-channel filter based on the Mutable Instruments Blades. Blue Lantern has simplified it, removing the wave shaper, mode scanner and dual channel mode. Blades is a great sounding filter, and this is a super affordable way to get one. £138.54.

L-Fusion Modules

And to finish off this Midweek Modular, I spotted a video on Facebook from L-Fusion. It’s testing out its new analogue and digital modules and sounds pretty awesome. I wasn’t able to tease out much information, but it looks like there could be some very interesting modules on the way.

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Midweek Modular 26

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