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MicroDexed-Touch  ·  Source: positionhigh


MicroDexed gets another makeover into a touch-screen-enabled, Teensy-based mini-synth called MicroDexed-Touch. It offers 6-operator FM, Virtual Analogue, Braids, sampling and sequencing.



MicroDexed continues to fascinate digital synthesizer builders who keep coming up with new and interesting ways to have it as a workable DIY synth. This time around, the key feature is a TFT Touch Display to make navigation a bit easier.

It’s amazing what you can squeeze onto a Teensy chip. This iteration has a double helping of the original MicroDexed 6-operator FM synthesizer, but they’ve also added a “MicroSynth” module, a sampler, a multi-algorithm oscillator and a much-improved sequencer.

MicroDexed-Touch screens

MicroDexed-Touch screens

The MicroSynth adds two virtual analogue monophonic synthesizers with a single oscillator, multiple waveforms, pulse width modulation, a filter and noise generation. On the sampling side, you can load, edit and play multi-sampled instruments. You also find the firmware from the Mutable Instruments Braids oscillator with up to 8-voice poly and added envelopes and filters.

The sequencer has 8-tracks, 16 step patterns, pattern chaining and a ridiculous amount of steps. You can stack up to 7 notes into chords on a single track. It also has an arpeggiator.

All-in-all, you get a pretty groovy synth and groove-box machine. However, to purchase it, you have to navigate the mystical portals of PCBWay and source of your own parts, including the 3D printing of the case. All the links you need are provided by the developer “positionhigh” on their page.

One interesting thing is that positionhigh has produced a short video showing how they see the future development panning out.


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Otherwise, if you like a good Teensy-based DIY project, then this might be for you.

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One response to “MicroDexed-Touch: FM, VA, Sampling and sequencing in a neat little box”

    Jay Neural says:

    They should really adapt this firmware to the DirtyWave M8 as an alternative OS. As it is also based on Teensy.

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