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MFB’s 3 oscillator analogue polysynth that was first shown at Superbooth gets an official release and a new name – SYNTH PRO – so you know this is a proper synth for professional people – amateurs need not apply.


This is one solid looking, no-nonsense, ordered and structured synthesizer. It’s got a nicely symmetrical layout, it’s clear and spacious and ready to do some serious work on your desktop.

There are 8 voices with 3 VCOs and a sub per voice. The oscillators have sawtooth, triangle, rectangle/pulse ring modulation and noise with sync and FM. If you want to move on from the slightly unpredictable character of analogue control then you can switch to super-stable DCO mode. There are two filters: an analogue 24dB low pass and a 12dB multi-mode with low, high and bandpass. They can be used in series or parallel. This all feeds into two analogue VCAs. The filters and VCAs can be modulated from different sources.

On the modulation front there are two LFOs with sawtooth, rectangle, triangle and random waves, tempo syncable and with a one-shot mode. There are three envelopes, two ADSR and one ADS and all of them are loopable. There’s a monophonic arpeggiator with multiple shuffle modes combined with a polyphonic step sequencer for creating music right inside the box.

At the end of the chain is a dedicated effects section with reverb, delay, chorus and flanging.

You can store up to 240 presets in 30 banks of 8. The sequencer has a similar ability to save patterns. There’s full MIDI implementation and the SYNTH PRO has a MIDI input as well as USB.

The look has been tidied up since we saw it at Superbooth and the screen has been improved. The most noticeable change is the sequencer becoming polyphonic whereas it was originally monophonic which just seemed wrong for a polyphonic synthesizer. Glad to see they sorted that out. This could an interesting alternative to the Novation Peak.

The price if €1080 and it should be available now. Not seen any demo videos since the ones at Superbooth.

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