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Newly available, Celemony’s Melodyne 5 is shaping up as one of 2020’s biggest releases alongside announcements like the Logic X 10.15 update. With automatic chord recognition, note dynamics and sibilance editing, along with general usability improvements, version 5 looks like a worthwhile upgrade. Here’s more about everything new on offer…

Sibilance Editing

Melodyne 5 detects the presence and extent of unpitched (noise-like) vocal components like peaking sylables and breaths. They are processed independently from the pitched components, complete with time stretching and volume/dynamics control. For example, you can adjust the volume balance between pitched and unpitched components as deep as you’d like to. This way, Melodyne 5 becomes an effective de-esser in addition to a more potent vocal (and sample) transformation tool. Sibilance editing is meant to improve the intonation of vocal tracks, aid in double-tracking and vocal harmonies, save time and achieve more natural-sounding results.

Chord Track

The combination of Chord Track and Pitch Grid lets you adapt vocal recordings and samples to the harmony of entire songs. This way, they harmonize instantly with your composition. Songwriters and remixers will certainly appreciate the ease of staying in key with integrated chord recognition.

Workflow enhancements

Melodyne 5 gets a pair of new tools – Fade Tool and Leveling Macro. They let you adjust the fades and dynamics of each note, even in polyphonic material. Furthermore, there’s a whole new algorithm called “Percussive Pitched” meant for percussive sounds. Finally, Celemony has added additional keyboard schortcuts and improved the weighting of pith deviations for musically perfect intonation.

Price and availability

Melodyne 5 is available as a standalone application and 64-bit VST3, AU or AAX plug-in for Windows and Mac computers.

Melodyne 5 introductory prices at Thomann

ProductReg. priceSale priceLink *
Melodyne 5 assistant249.00 €245.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 assistant Upgrade essential149.00 €145.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 assistant Update49.00 €49.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 editor399.00 €395.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 editor Upgrade assistant149.00 €145.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 editor Upgrade essential299.00 €295.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 editor Update99.00 €95.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 essential99.00 €95.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 studio699.00 €695.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 studio Update studio 3149.00 €145.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 studio Update studio 4149.00 €145.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 studio Upgrade assistant449.00 €444.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 studio Upgrade editor299.00 €295.00 €Link
Melodyne 5 studio Upgrade essential599.00 €595.00 €Link
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