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MeeBlip Triode

MeeBlip Triode  ·  Source:

MeeBlip Triode Connections

MeeBlip Triode Connections  ·  Source:


A couple of years ago Peter Kirn from and James Grahame from blipsonic got together and came up with the MeeBlip Anode: a pocket sized mini-synth with a fat load of character. They made 500 – they’ve all gone. MeeBlip are now releasing a new and revamped version they are calling the Triode.



It’s essentially the same box as the Anode but this time in a bright post-box red. But it’s not just the colour that’s had some tweaking. The Triode is driven by 3 oscillators and a unique twin-t analogue low-pass filter. In the middle of the box is a switch to bring in the new square wave sub oscillator. Along with the usual square, pulse and sawtooth waveforms they’ve also packed in 24 wavetables to expand the sonic possibilities.

Unlike the Anode this time there’s full MIDI control of every parameter. So if you run out of controls on the front you can patch in a MIDI controller or sequencer to grab hold of other parameters such as envelope, filter attack and modulation. Triode is open source so the OS can be accessed, modded or re-written if you so desire.


MeeBlip say that the Triode, in its mix of analogue and digital sound generation, is capable of producing a range of uniquely aggressive bass-heavy sounds. Check out the SoundCloud examples to hear for yourself.


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More Information

It looks like a cool little box. Shame there’s no patch points for giving a place in the more modular community but for $139.95 you’re getting quite a bit for your money. However, it’s twice the price of a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator, and around the same as the Korg Volca range. So it has a lot to live up when you look at comparable products.

The MeeBlip Triode is available to order now and they should ship on the 14th October. No mention on how many they are making this time around. For more information head over to the MeeBlip website.

MeeBlip Triode

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