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MeeBlip Geode

MeeBlip Geode  ·  Source: MeeBlip

MeeBlip Geode

MeeBlip Geode  ·  Source: MeeBlip

Not perhaps as mini as some of MeeBlip’s previous synthesizers but the geode is certainly a compact box of noise and hybrid synthesizer craziness that they say is their best yet.


It aims to be unmistakably edgy, cutting, grimy and nasty and invites you to get your hands dirty. Judging by the demo video it doesn’t do a bad job.

Its one-knob-per-function design ensures that the fun and fruitiness is instant and accessible. The oscillator section lets you choose 2 digitally generated waveforms, such as PWM, pulse, saw, triangle and noise which can then be detuned, sub-octaved and mixed. The filter section is MeeBlips unique Twin-T analog filter based on a 70’s guitar stompbox distortion circuit. The envelope gives you Attack and Decay knobs with a switchable Sustain and a knob for Glide. The single LFO can be routed to the pitch or the filter cutoff.

There’s no CV inputs or patching but it has full MIDI implementation and is connectable via MIDI In or USB (driver free and gives power).

MeeBlip believes this is the best box of noises they’ve come up with to date and as the previous boxes have been awesome then that’s quite a claim. For a preorder price of $149 you get a lot of synth to play with and a very characterful sound.

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