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MeeBlip cubit go

MeeBlip cubit go  ·  Source: MeeBlip


MeeBlip has released the cubit go MIDI interface. The makers of the geode and triode mini synthesizers haven taken their cubit 4-port splitter and added a USB-MIDI connection. That makes the MeeBlip cubit a combined USB MIDI interface and splitter / thru box, which works with computers and mobile devices.


The MeeBlip cubit go looks almost exactly the same as the original cubit splitter. The compact box, which weighs only 110g, has one MIDI input, four parallel MIDI outputs, and a USB connector. But while the cubit’s USB port was for power delivery only, it acts as a USB-MIDI connection to your computer or mobile device on the cubit go. This allows you to use the device to transmit MIDI data from your computer or mobile device to your synths and vice versa.

Class compliant

Cubit go is powered by a 32-bit Cortex Arm processor. The device is class compliant, which means that you should be able use it with any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, as well as Android and iOS devices, without installing drivers. You may need an adapter to connect it to mobile devices, such as the Apple Lightning USB adapter.


Hardware MIDI Thru

Cubit can still act as a splitter, though. It has a hardware MIDI Thru function, which forwards incoming MIDI data to all four outputs simultaneously. That’s convenient if you need to split up a MIDI signal to drive several synths at once, like a clock signal, for example, or MIDI notes from a master keyboard.

Although cubit go has four outputs, it should be noted that it’s not a true 1-in, 4-out MIDI interface. The four parallel outputs are on a single port and always carry the same signal. If you’d like to use it to send MIDI from your DAW to several synths, you’ll need to have each synth on its own MIDI channel, rather than separating them by port.


There aren’t many other devices around that offer the same functionality at this price. The MeeBlip cubit go costs only USD 59.95. That’s an easy decision if you’re looking for a compact, yet flexible MIDI interface, especially for mobile devices.

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MeeBlip cubit go

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