Marshall DSL 2018 Range leaked

NAMM 2018: Marshall 2018 DSL range leaked

25 Jan 2018 · Marshall's old DSL range has been relaunched for 2018 and there is everything from a 1-watt combo DSL all the way up to a 100-watt head version in the new range

Marshall set to ship CODE 100C Combo

29 Feb 2016 · Designed in Bletchley Park, home of the code breakers in World War 2, the CODE series could signify that Marshall have finally cracked this elusive enigma...

Softube/UAD add Marshall JMP2203 to their range

02 Feb 2016 · Somewhat easier to transport than the preposterously heavy original, Softube/Marshall have come up with a recreation of the classic Marshall 100 watt head from the '70s, as used by everyone from Iron Maiden to ...