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Magnetic Effects Midphoria pedal

Magnetic Effects Midphoria pedal  ·  Source: Magnetic Effects


Magnetic Effects’ Midphoria allows you to get that ‘cocked wah’ tone without a huge wah pedal taking up valuable space on your pedalboard. Handmade in the UK, this new pedal seeks to emulate those great filtered tones associated with many famous players like Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page.



A cocked wah pedal is often used to get a sweet, almost nasal filtered tone from your guitar. Rather than pumping the treadle for the more typical wah wah quack you set the wah pedal in one position and leave it to filter your guitar’s tone and tweak to taste.

The Midphoria lets you accomplish this type of effect without the hassle of using large, often noisy traditional wah pedals. This pedal format is obviously a lot smaller (and thankfully lighter) than a traditional foot-sized wah pedal.

Sweet Spot

It can be run from either a 9V power supply or even an 18V one for more internal headroom. The pedal has controls for Volume, Sweep, Range and Clean. The Sweep setting allows you to dial in the wah filter sweep to taste, while the Clean control blends in the dry signal as required. The Clean blend has enough output level to be used as a booster, so if you turn down the fixed wah volume and turn up Clean blend you can use it as a boost, too.

The Range control allows you to extend the frequency range with the toggle switch, and combined with the Sweep control this will help you find the desired sweet spot.

This looks to be a handy little pedal because of its internal low noise, better headroom and, of course, its smaller size compared to the old brick-sized wahs. I can see it being popular with players keen on some good wah tone but not so keen on the other hassles associated with these unwieldy and often noisy units.


RRP – GBP 109

Magnetic Effects Midphoria product page

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Magnetic Effects Midphoria pedal

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