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Mad Professor Porter 1x12 lightweight cab.

Mad Professor Porter 1x12 lightweight cab. Made to mimic the depth of a 4x12 cabinet.  ·  Source:

The Mad Professor Porter 112 guitar cabinet has been designed to mimic the characteristics of a 4×12 half stack, but in a small, portable and lightweight format.

Weighing in at only 11kg the Porter 112 uses a Jensen Tornado 100 watt neodymium speaker and uses a ported system to help recreate the depth and low end of a much larger 4×12 cabinet. Using this lightweight combination and some clever cab design allows the Porter 112 to push a lot of air.

Sixties Technology

Mad Professor claim this will make it sound like the much larger 4×12 cabinets from 50 years back. 4×12 speakers have been a mainstay in guitar amplification since the Swingin’ Sixties and they have become an integral part of what we think of as good guitar tone. The problem, though, is they weigh a lot and take up a lot of space as well.

I welcome a more lightweight cab and smaller is always a bonus as well, as it means your rig is easier to transport, and some venues have really tiny stages. So if it sounds any good in real life then this could be great for gigging players. My only issue is the price: it’s pretty high for a cabinet and so I would have to really love the tone before I parted with my money. The demo below does give a good indication of the kind of sounds you might achieve. I would have to hear one at gig volume before I would be tempted to buy one myself.

The concept seems sound, though. Hopefully this could open up the thinking of speaker cab designers and be the first of many, or at least get to a reasonable price point somewhere further down the line.


  • Rated at 100 watts at 8ohms
  • Weight 11kg/25lbs
  • Dimensions: 480 x 307 x 410 mm

Mad Professor Porter 1×12 cabinet: Company site

RRP EUR €749



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