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So it’s always nice to see something filthy for my bass-loving cousins. Sure I’m a six string player at heart, but I love my filth and my bass in equal amounts too. From my perspective it’s always cool to hear a fat fuzzy bassline, and this brand new pedal from Frederic Effects is handmade in the UK and ticks all the right boxes for fuzzed out, low down & dirty fuzz lovers.


The brand new Fredric Effects Deeply Unpleasant Companion has just been announced on their website and is an improved version of the classic Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz made in Japan during the ’70s. Following requests from bass players, it has a modified circuit to preserve more of the low frequencies and adds a clean blend function. So you can mix the clean signal with the fuzz according to your own taste. The buffers used in the blend circuit also have the added bonus of bringing a touch more clarity to the fuzz, while retaining its uncompromising character!

This pedal hails from North London where I was born, so it really resonates with me on many levels; it’s low, it’s dirty and it’s hand made with top quality components in my home town. Theses guys make some truly awesome pedals and also play live in and around the UK, so you can trust they have road tested all their designs in real life playing conditions.


So if you fancy some retro ’70s fuzz tones à la Jesus And The Mary Chain (who were heavy users of the original Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion fuzz) but you want them for your bass instead of your guitar, then look no further as this little bass fuzz monster could be right up your street.

You can check their site for more details here

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