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Love Hulten MonteSynth

Love Hulten MonteSynth  ·  Source: Love Hulten


Love Hulten is an artist and maker of beautiful things. He’s worked a number of Korg Miniologues into fabulous cases and this is the finest yet.



A one-off custom-designed instrument for a client called MonteBrooker that’s so lovely that it has to be shared and admired. There are no details on the website but you can see the layout of the Korg Minilogue behind the wooden veneer.

Love has built a few instruments around this synthesizer but this is the first time it’s been embellished with some effects. You can’t help but notice the naked tape delay on the right which looks very much like a T-Rex Replicator Tape Echo with the front prised off. To the right of that is some kind of scope and on either side you have a pair of speakers turning it into a very playable instrument.


I believe this is the second version of this instrument he’s built because there are photos on MonteBrooker’s email from 6 months ago of a slightly different machine that has a hinged lid. You’ll also find it on the Love Hulten website under the name VoxArray61. This new version is much more substantial and is a complete work of electronic synthesizer art.

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No details on price or anything and as I say this is a custom build. I’m sure if you get in touch with Love then anything is possible.

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Love Hulten MonteSynth

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One response to “Love Hulten MonteSynth: A beautifully modded Minilogue”

    HammondEggs says:

    Custom cases for synths with custom oscillators? This synth perhaps now needs a famous virtuoso keyboard player who knows it inside out, and can get sounds out of it that the rest of us can’t. The Minilogue can then be labelled ‘a classic’ without much argument…..

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