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Logic Pro 10.8

Logic Pro 10.8 is here!  ·  Source: Apple


Logic Pro 10.8 has arrived with some new features including necessary bug fixes and Mastering Assistant, a new automated tool for helping your tracks to translate on different playback formats.


Mastering Assistant is now available in all versions of Logic Pro including Logic for iPad. The plug-in is loaded onto your main output bus, and immediately it gets busy analyzing your final mix and making automatic adjustments.

Logic Pro 10.8 with Mastering Assistant

Once the auto-analysis is complete, Mastering Assistant creates an EQ setting, adjusts the gain, and does stereo image processing. Meanwhile, you can bypass the processing at any stage for quick A/Bing, and select a specific part of your mix for analysis.

To make things easy, there is a selection of mastering presets available. Choose from a Clean transparent chain, Valve modelled processing, or a more aggressive Punch with midrange emphasis.

Mastering Assistant

Logic’s new Mastering Assistant.

The automatic dynamics and gain changes happening within Mastering Assistant follow industry-standard guidelines. However, you can still make these adjustments manually.


The Loudness Compensation function ensures that your A/B comparisons are at the same volume. We have a tendency to naturally pick the louder option so this allows you to make a more informed decision.

More new features in Logic Pro 10.8

Now in Logic 10.8 for the desktop platform, Sample Alchemy is a software plug-in that uses granular, additive, and spectral synthesis engines to create expressive instruments with unique timbral characteristics.

Another new aspect is Beat Breaker, a powerful groove tool for slicing, time-stretching, and rearranging audio with a rhythmic focus. Beat Breaker allows you to apply a range of effects onto each slice of the waveform for truly expressive results.

Beat Breaker

Beat Breaker from Logic for iPad is now on the Mac version.

Apart from new sound library content, Logic Pro has finally added 32-bit float recording functionality with compatible audio interfaces. Also, new Slip and Rotate tools will give you greater flexibility within the arrange window.

Pricing and availability:

Logic Pro 10.8 is available as a free update, however, Apple does recommend creating a system backup in case not all of the plug-ins in your library are compatible.

More about Apple Logic Pro:

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Logic Pro 10.8

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3 responses to “Logic Pro 10.8 now features Mastering Assistant”

    Charley Mock says:

    I have logic Pro and been recording with it on my Mac. Can I update this program to my already logic pro system?

    Charley Mock says:

    And will it create any latency?

      Stefan Wyeth says:

      Logic does have a low-latency mode, but this is generally used when recording. You can update to Logic Pro 10.8 but Apple does recommend backing up first to avoid compatibility issues with third-party software.

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