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Logic Pro 10.7

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Following yesterday’s keynote which saw the announcement of long-awaited new MacBooks, Apple released substantial updates for its professional production apps. Logic Pro, Final Cut, Motion, and Compressor have been thoroughly optimized for the new M1 Pro and Max processors and a number of highly relevant new features have been added.


Native spatial audio mixing in Logic Pro X

According to Apple, the latest Logic Pro X version lets you use three times the number of plug-ins compared to the former M1 Macs. But the biggest addition is the integration of Dolby Atmos processing. Now you can use the DAW to mix and master your songs in Spatial Audio without compulsory third-party software or plug-ins. The new 3D audio features are built into Logic’s internal effects, such as Space Designer, Limiter, Loudness Meter, Tremolo, and others. The finished mix can be exported directly in Apple Music. Additionally, the DAW receives all current sound packages and producer packs from GarageBand for a total of 2800 new loops, 50 new kits and 120 new patches included in the update.


As for Final Cut Pro, the app receives up to 5x the performance boost for some functions along support for the cinema features introduced in the iPhone 13 Pro. Compressor also works up to ten times faster in some cases. Third-party software such as DaVinci Resolve, Cinema 4D, and Adobe Premiere may also work faster thanks to updated codecs and optimizations.

Logic Pro 10.7 3D audio

Logic Pro 10.7 3D audio · Source: Apple

It is all very commendable that Apple still distributes massive updates free of charge to the owners and refrains from a subscription service for professional apps. The Logic Pro update, in particular, heralds a new era of sound which is now moving towards 3D. We cannot say for sure how the update will run on older Macs at this point, though. Some tests and reports will be in order, though we don’t have much doubt about the ol’ Core chips holding their own.

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Logic Pro 10.7

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3 responses to “Apple Logic Pro 10.7 update: spatial audio and souped-up performance”

    JP says:

    “The Logic Pro update, in particular, heralds a new era of sound which is now moving towards 3D”

    What, you mean the ‘new era of sound’ that Steinberg users have already been a part of for many months?

    This is very much a ‘me too’ update for Logic and some really basic facilities are still missing. Like being able to reorder tracks from within the mixer.

    I would also be really interested to know how many Logic Pro users will ever actually have access to a full Atmos system on which to play the full surround mixes they will be rushing to create in this ‘new era of sound’?

      eat yr Ghost says:

      Apple allows you to listen to spatial mixes on their line of headphones, and having A/B tested a lot of albums, well-mixed albums really do benefit from the technology. Automatic for the People by R.E.M. is an album I have listened to a million times since it came out, and the spatial mix revealed tracks that were buried before; the acoustic guitars and organs especially have this lovely warmth to them.

      You don’t need a multispeaker home theater setup in your lounge to benefit from spatial audio. Gaming headsets also do an amazing job for positional sound sources.

    James Arthur Johnson sr says:

    I’d like to update to logic pro 10.7 is all I’m screaming! That’s it.

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