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Lindell LiN 76 featured

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Manufacturer Lindell Audio – also known for its meticulous software emulations of vintage gear – announced the LiN76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier. The unit is designed to recreate the timbres and nuances of 76-style FET compressors. Depending on what you run through them, and how hard you drive them, you can use 76 compressors as viable character and coloration tools. You probably knew that, but context matters. Onto the equipment…


LiN76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier

Sweden’s Lindell Audio is well-known for its software emulations of vintage analog gear, sold via partner Plugin Alliance. It’s also a maker of boutique recording equipment and its latest release is the LiN76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier. It’s meant to pull off the timbres and intricacies of 76-style FET compressors, such as the venerable UREI 1176. The ability to get as many flavors as there are revisions of this singular design is tempting, unless you are a gear collector and want a rack full of 2U’s.

The LiN76 is designed in Sweden at Lindell Studio, and boasts two super-honest front and back panels. If you’ve ever seen a software 1176, an original unit, or a 1:1 replica (lucky), you will quickly get to grips with this one. The available controls include ATTACK (continuously variable 20 μs to 800 μs), RELEASE (50 ms to 1200 ms), and RATIO (4:1, 8:1, 12:1). The ‘secret’ all-buttons-in mode makes a notable presence here. It turns the RATIO to about 20:1, changes the bias of the circuit, and the way controls interact with each other. Accordingly, the compressor becomes much bolder and aggressive, with a dirtier tone that’s a classic on punchy drums.


The front panel is also adorned by a VU (volume unit) meter to measure the amount of gain reduction. It can be switched between +4dB, +8dB, and Off. It can be calibrated manually the old-fashioned way, by turning the METER CALIBRATION screw on the back panel. Speaking of the back panel, it also has balanced line-level OUTPUT and INPUT connections on TRS. The compressors weighs in at a heavy 8 kilos and is powered by a 12V 5A switching power supply (included).

Price and availability

The price with European VAT was supposed to be EUR 499, which is very comfortable. Outside the EU, the MAP was listed USD 399. However, the resulting price has climbed up to EUR 591 with VAT in the EU. We actually got two conflicting press releases on the matter, and we decided to go with the lower price. It really is up to dealers to make their adjustments and it’s not a case of dealers being greedy, but of slapping a realistic tag on this thing. Oh, and communicating about it.

Anyway, The LiN76 is available to order now from Lindell and its dealers including our affiliate partner Thomann *.

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Lindell LiN 76 featured

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