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Steinberg Cubase 11

Steinberg Cubase 11  ·  Source: musictechtips


UPDATE: Steinberg has since released full details of Cubase 11 in all its glory: check out the new features here!



Surprise, surprise, it’s November and Steinberg is cooking up a new Cubase release! OK, enough of the sarcasm. Cubase users have become accustomed to enjoying a significant update towards the end of the year; November 2019 saw Steinberg release Cubase 10.5. But we were genuinely surprised when a leak surfaced with screenshots and feature descriptions of Cubase 11.

While we can’t be sure that the features and descriptions are 100% accurate, they look quite convincing. The source for the leak? A website called musictechtips. The crew over there seem sure that Cubase 11 is going to be released on 12 November. So let’s have a closer look. Did we mention that the information is not official and so may not be reliable? OK, good, on we go then.


The putative new features include a Scale Assistant, with user-defined musical scales that, we assume, can be used directly in the Key Editor. This seems to be a feature that is more and more in demand at the moment. Sampler Track v2 looks to be a new version of the existing sampler track. According to the leak, LFOs can now be used to modulate parameters. When the official release drops, we’ll know more.

Steinberg Cubase 11 leak

Steinberg Cubase 11 leaked? · Source: musictechtips

The website lists new plug-ins that include multiband Squasher and a Supervision Metering plug-in with what looks like a whole suite for monitoring and audio analysis. Frequency 2 will no doubt be an update to the Frequency plug-in. The website also mentions a Multiband Imager plug-in but skimps on the details. There is also talk about “score improvements” – it’ll be interesting to see what that’s all about.

Another significant area appears to be MIDI remotes and APIs. According to the leak, Cubase 11 will see a reworking of what whole aspect of the application. That’s great, as the existing system was looking quite dated and was often less intuitive to use than it should have been. Third-party developers will be able to write their own scripts for their hardware more easily. This will then be displayed with a pretty graphic within Cubase, so the layout of the hardware to be displayed authentically. That should make it easier to map parameters. A cool feature that will be welcome to many Cubase users.

ARA2 support should provide an optimized workflow, obviating the need for audio bouncing when audio events are passed to the ARA extension. Pretty cool. It all looks as though Steinberg is poised ot make an official announcement, and we’re excited to see what else the coders at Steinberg have been working on.

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Steinberg Cubase 11

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4 responses to “Leak: Is Cubase 11 close to release?”

    MI Leaks says:

    November 12.

      Angus says:

      Yes, that’s what the website says – currently we can’t confirm that. Could be later… or earlier.

    Bel says:

    I have 10.5 but unactivated. Should I wait for release of 11 to activate or do you do it before, regarding grace period?

      Smudge says:

      Activate it. Enjoy it. You can update when it comes out regardless! No benefits in waiting, so get making music!

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