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Earthquaker Devices leaked Data Corropter pedal

Earthquaker Devices leaked Data Corropter pedal  ·  Source: upthedownstairs/Imgur

Ever bought a pedal that doesn’t exist? The new ‘not yet officially released’ Data Corrupter by Earthquaker Devices appears to be a glitch-style box of computer noises for your guitar. The only reason we have images of one is that a certain US dealer accidentally shipped one out to a customer before the model was officially announced!

Data Corrupter

Corrupt data? Yes, all the official teaser videos sounded like emulations of 1980s computer data systems, and featured recreations of that cheesy era of huge computers and bad graphics. But apart from bit-reduced and synthesized sounds, they didn’t do much more than hints at what the Data Corrupter pedal was all about.

And then came the leak via Zzsounds

The company accidentally listed the new pedal on their site – and a customer even ordered one, which Zzsound delivered the next day! Not bad for a pedal that doesn’t officially exist yet. What is even funnier was that they pulled the webpage with the listing yet delivered the Data Corrupter pedal to the customer. So with one pedal out there in the wild, we know it’s a real product. Now read on for what this weird little unit can do…


It appears the Data Corrupter has two oscillators, a Main and a Subharmonic. Both can be switched separately in 8 presets or octaves (+1 to +3 or -1 to -3) with preset intervals. In addition, there is a switch between Glide and Vibrato (Portamento Pitch Bends to “Retro Sci-Fi Laser Effects”, a Unison switch at Main and switch at Subharmonic). The rate is controlled globally, as well as the individual volume and effects parts of the oscillators, plus an additional square wave. Everything is controlled by a master volume.

Check out the ‘official teaser’ videos below – and the user report by the guy that bought a pedal that doesn’t exist!

RRP – officially TBC (but we know the guy paid USD 225…)


UPDATE as it is now official – GBP 225 / USD 225 and I have added the full demo video below as well.


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