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LA Circuits Bauhaus and Technicolor

LA Circuits Bauhaus and Technicolor  ·  Source: LA Circuits

A range of Buchla inspired and fabulously named Eurorack modules is now available from LA Circuits with many more to come.

LA Circuits

I wrote about them last month when their year-long tease campaign was starting to pull together into some kind of coherence. Now their shop is up and running and they have several modules in stock and ready to go and more on the way.


The latest arrival is the EM-105 Bauhaus Variable Waveshape Oscillator. It’s an analogue oscillator designed for very precise waveform sculpting. It offers 6-octaves of accurate 1v/oct scaling and a tuning range switch to place it in the area you wish to play.

The Waveshaper section has two CV controlled shaping knobs letting you play with pulse width on the square wave and morphing from ramp to triangle to sine and back again. They both get their own outputs plus a separate output for a pure sine wave.

Variable FM and Sync inputs round off the functionality.

What we don’t have yet is any direct sound demos. LA Circuits are relaxed and groovy about these things and prefer to put out music videos that feature their products rather than product demos, and actually, that’s kinda nice; although we’d like products demos too!

We saw the Chronograph Sequencer, Suprematist LFO, Moon Jock Envelope Generator and Machinist Sample & Hold in our last visit. Since then they’ve added the St Tropez VCA, Aprés Dix Multimode Filter and Sunless City Ladder Filter.


The other new module that caught my eye was the EM-601 Technicolor Solid State Reverb and Echo. It’s a bucket-brigade based analog module utilizing the 3328-stage 6-tap chip. In “Concurrent” mode the signal runs through the 6 terminal tap network to produce a natural-sounding reverb. In “Discrete” mode it goes through the 3328-stage tap creating a warm delay line with a time range from 20ms to 250ms.

The reverb and delay time is set by the nice big blue knob. Time modulation can generate some rather good vintage sounding chorus and vibrato effects. To reduce noise commonly associated with BBD chips they’ve included a finely tuned filter circuit.

We are open

The Bauhaus oscillator is available now for $330. The Suprematist, Moon Jock and Sunless City are all $295, the St Tropez is $205 and the Aprés Dix is $355. The Machinist and Technicolor are both available for backorder with a 2-3 week waiting time for $305 and £395 respectively. The big Chronograph sequencer is $1,800.

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