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Korg Collection

Korg Collection  ·  Source: Korg

Korg Collection

Korg Collection  ·  Source: Korg

The Korg Legacy Collection is one of the longest running software emulations of classic synths. It’s the Korg back catelogue of synthesizers in software form. It’s been around so long most people have forgotten about it. But don’t because Korg have just added the ARP Odyssey and renamed it the Korg Collection. It’s time to be reminded just how awesome this bundle is.

Korg Collection

I’ve used the Legacy collection alot, especially in live performance where its age lets it run with minimal CPU on really old laptops. I did an all-80’s party gig about 7 years ago where this was the only source of synth sounds and I ran it on an Atom powered Notepad. Anyway, Korg introduced this in 2004 and it’s always been great. I mean who doesn’t want a Korg M1, Wavestation, Polysix, MonoPoly and MS-20?

The greatest thing about this software is how you could create enormous multis combining all the instruments, and mix them, arpeggiate them and add a load of effects. In many ways this was way before its time, and I really need to go and dig out my copy. And that’s an important point. If you are a current user of the Korg Legacy Collection you will need to re-register on their new system as it’s all moving to the new Korg Store and away from Korg User Net. So login to and make sure your registration details are correct and you should receive a coupon code. This will allow you to migrate to the new version free-of-charge, although the additional ARP Odyssey will be extra.

ARP Odyssey

A couple of years ago Korg reintroduced the ARP Odyssey and now it has made its way into the Korg Collection. Using the same technology with which they recreated the hardware this is an authentic software version. They describe it like this:

Rather than using generic modeling techniques that simulate output sound, KORG digitized the transistor, condenser, and resistor used in the hardware model. We used those digitized components to reconstruct the same circuits as the hardware. With this method, KORG has completely reproduced the complex sound and parameter characteristics which are born from the entirety of the ARP ODYSSEY’s circuits.

Korg Collection ARP Odyssey

Korg Collection ARP Odyssey


The existing synths are looking a little bit dated now, especially the MDE-X and Legacy Cell parts that provide the hub and effects for the other synths. Korg says that development has restarted on the Collection and further improvements will be along in time.

It’s a great bundle of software and is available for a special price of $149, or you can pick up just the ARP Odyssey for $49. But you’ll want the bundle.

More information

  • Korg Collection product page.
  • ARP Odyssey product page.


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