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Korg ARP Odyssey FSQ

Korg ARP Odyssey FSQ  ·  Source: Korg


At last year’s NAMM, we were introduced to the ARP Odyssey FS. It was a reissue of the original ARP Odyssey with a full sized case and keys and built in the USA with perfectly replicated analog circuits. The last remaining few of the discontinued components are being put into a limited run of synthesizers being assembled in Japan. They are calling it the ARP Odyssey FSQ and are bundling in a matching Korg SQ1 sequencer for good measure.


ARP Odyssey FSQ

Our clammering for authenticity got a real boost when Korg decided to up their game and release the ARP Odyssey FS. Reproductions are all very well and exciting but far too often we are let down by small keyboards and cheap build quality. The FS version sorted this out and gave us the ARP we were waiting for. There’s still plenty of room for smaller, cheaper versions of things but sometimes it’s worth doing it right.

The FSQ continues the limited run by digging up the last of the components found in the original. If you want authenticity then this is as good as it gets. I wonder if Uli Behringer has anything to say about that. His view seems to be that if the chips no longer exist then we make more!

The SQ1 is a tidy little sequencer with a lot of functionality packed into a small box. Now that box matches the Odyssey and it’s a perfect combination.

The ARP Odyssey FSQ will be available in all three colour revisions and contain all three versions of the filter circuitry. Should be priced at an authentic $1599.

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