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Korg iWavestation programs

Korg iWavestation programs  ·  Source:

Korg iWavestation

Korg iWavestation  ·  Source:

Korg iWavestation sequencing waveforms

Korg iWavestation sequencing waveforms  ·  Source:

Korg iWavestation

Korg iWavestation  ·  Source:

Following on from its recent announcement, Korg has now released its faithful recreation of the Wavestation synthesizer for iOS. iWavestation reproduces the sounds, the programs, and the legendary joystick for touch-based sound generation.


The Korg Legacy collection of virtual versions of their classic synthesizers is still one of the finest bundles of software synths you can buy. And it’s been around for over a decade. Within the bundle was a fabulous model of their Wavestation synthesizer released in 1990. Wavestations are notoriously difficult to program but in the software version Korg were able to bring the possibilities of sound design and manipulation to the surface. With the iWavestation Korg say they have gone much further in the hope of making it less impenetrable.

All the PCM memories of every Wavestation keyboard are present. There are 1500 sounds, 700 waveforms and 55 effects. Every parameter has been modelled and reproduced and interpreted into a usable graphical interface. There’s a sequence view which pushes an emphasis into generating sequences and movement in the sounds.

The joystick changes the balance between oscillators, mixing and morphing them in that characteristic Wavestation way. The touch-based interface attempts to make the best use out of the time-varying timbral changes that lie behind that classic sound.

I wonder if this is an indication that the rest of the Legacy Collection will make it’s way onto iOS. Although the joy for me was in the multi-mode Legacy Cell where you could combine synths to make huge sounds. Would this be possible on iOS? The iWavestation can integrate into the Korg Gadget app so maybe they are doing it already.

Korg iWavestation is available now for a reduced price of $19.99 until the 5th of January. More information in the iTunes Store.

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