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Kombos modular keyboard system kickstarter

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The Kombos keyboard is literally modular. By that I mean it is made up of octave modules you can snap together. This then allows you to tailor your keyboard for your situation.



Each section clicks into place against the others, so if you need a little two-octave controller when you’re on the move or you require a 61-note version for a studio session, then the Kombos can be configured to do either job with ease

Each module has an octave’s worth of keys and you just snap them in between the two end sections. The unit is Bluetooth compatible and so will work with phones, tablets and computers alike. The keys on each module are full sized, so no compromise there. The Kombos has the usual pitch and modulation controllers on the left end module.


The Kombos is currently on Kickstarter and has a target of $25000 USD, and conceivably could hit the target amount. I do hope so as it is a neat little solution. I have in the past had to own more than one controller keyboard because one of them was too large to travel with. If the price is right then I can imagine that this will be a popular item with home studios and gigging players.

I love that you can break it down and build it up to full size. No more huge, cumbersome controller keyboard to drag around to gigs – and it’ll fit in my rucksack! It would be great if you could add more controller modules in there as well, imagine loads of knobs and sliders on an extra module, that would be really handy.


Is this one to watch out for? I hope they do well as the concept is a good one, as long as it’s robust and the connections don’t wear out. Then it should prove a very handy bit of gear indeed.


  • 8-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility
  • MIDI
  • iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Windows compatibility
  • With 25 up to 61 keys configurations available

See the Kombos Kickstarter details here




Kombos modular keyboard system kickstarter

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