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Kinsman Podcasting Microphones

Kinsman podcasting microphones  ·  Source: Kinsman


If you’re looking to dip your toes in the waters of podcasting, then these new microphone releases from Kinsman may be just the ticket for you to get started.


Kinsman Microphones

Kinsman might not be a brand you immediately associate with microphones, and if that’s the case I wouldn’t blame you! It’s a house brand of stalwart distributors JHS, and one normally associated with instrument accessories. When their press release landed in my inbox this morning I almost passed it by but I’m glad I didn’t! JHS has slapped the brand onto a range of hugely affordable microphones for “studio broadcast and recording”.

Now, in all honesty, I can’t see this mic range making too many inroads into professional studios or broadcast! Importantly though, at this price point, they might be an ideal gateway for trying your hand at podcasting or live-streaming. I’ve plucked out three microphones from the range that really caught my eye, but do check out the link at the end of this piece for the full range.


There’s nothing especially new or revolutionary here, but you know what? Sometimes that’s perfectly OK, especially when this USB mic is only £49.99! A cardioid condenser mic, it connects to your computer over USB and comes with a stand and windshield. There’s built-in headphone monitoring and even a Karaoke-tastic echo feature! Granted, it’s not going to hold up to a Shure MV7 for example, but it costs less than a third of the price.

KMICKIT Condensor Microphone Kit

It’s a completely generic, cardioid condenser mic kit that comes with a shock mount, anglepoise desk stand and windscreen. Unremarkable it may be but at £59.99 it’s hard to see how you can go wrong. I could see the accessories alone coming close to the cost of the complete kit. Obviously, at this price, it’s not going to worry a U87, but what else do you want for the money!



KMIC09 Lightning Lav Mic with Earpiece

Want to “go live” with your iPad or iPhone? Here’s a neat simple and affordable solution that comes in at just £39.99. Seeing how Apple doesn’t bundle an earbud/mic combo with their phones anymore, here’s your solution!


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