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Kilohearts 3-band EQ

 ·  Source: KiloHearts

We are deviating a bit from our usual weekend free plug-in round up because there’s a bit of a lack of cool stuff to cover! We are still getting one freebie in, though, because there are always generous plug-in developers out there giving away awesome stuff. In this case, it’s Kilohearts setting free a simple, but useful 3-Band EQ.

Featuring an intuitive user interface that’s very easy to find your way around, 3-Band EQ lets you shape sound by dragging the boundaries between the low, mid and high frequencies around. There’s also a mini preset manager and a randomize button. Pretty solid stuff for a free EQ!

Additionally, the 3-band EQ boasts a freely resize-able UI so you can make it work on any display at any screen resolution. These are professional touches applied to a free product, which is more than one usually bargains for!

3-Band EQ is available for free for PC and Mac platforms from Kilohearts. Download here.

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