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KXM offer

KXM offer  ·  Source: KXM

KXM Aion

KXM Aion  ·  Source: KXM

KXM Metis

KXM Metis  ·  Source: KXM

I didn’t spot them over Superbooth Home Edition but Khaos Ex Machina launched their Eurorack range with the Aion trigger sequencer, Anake envelope and Metis CV wrangler and they look really good.

Khaos Ex Machina

Or KXM for short is the work of Márton Kelemen from Hungary. His goal is to invent modules that he would find helpful in his own performances in fun and interesting ways. He announced his intention to sell his modules on the 25th April after posting them on ModularGrid on the 20th and was sold out almost immediately which is a pretty good start. He is currently accepting preorders while waiting for parts to arrive.


This looks really interesting. It’s a 4-channel, 8-step trigger and gate sequencer with 2 buses on each channel and internal feedback paths. It looks really solid and I’m liking the switches which give a great hands-on feel to the creation of patterns.

Each of the 4 channels has its own clock and reset inputs so you can have them running completely independently although you can also normalise the first channel to the rest with the flick of a switch. The trigger switches are actually 3-way so if you push up the trigger goes to output bus A, down to output bus B and centre for nothing. So you can run two things from the one channel – very interesting. You can also feed the output of one channel into another for more complex rhythms. You can use it for polymetric sequences, sequencing sequences or as a clock divider.

At €200 it’s incredibly good value for money and offers some fascinating possibilities.


This is a 6-channel CV machine with attenuators, inverters, amplifiers and offsetters. It’s DC coupled so you can mess about with CV and audio if you like. Every input is normalled to the one above it so it can also act as a mixer. You then have a knob that multiplies, another knob that offsets +/-10v, one that sets the mix level to the bus. It’s a very useful CV wrangler for €160.


Ananke is not quite available yet but is an AD envelope with a comparator.

Early days

Márton has launched Khaos Ex Machina with a strong pair of modules and backed it up with a funky website and great documentation. This guy has only just begun and I’m already looking forward to more.

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