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IME Kermit Mk3

IME Kermit Mk3  ·  Source: IME


The Kermit Mark III is an audacious study in multi-channel, tempo-synced, morphing wavetable generating, matrix matching, super modulation while somehow remaining coherent and rhythmically relevant. 


Kermit Mark III

Industrial Music Electronics modules are very distinct with their orange knobs and air of complexity. Perhaps best known for their awesome module naming skills like the Piston Honda dual wavetable oscillator, Argos Bleak quantizer or Zorlon Cannon dual LFSR. “Kermit” makes you automatically think of something green and froggy but we’ll get past that cliché and enter the world of this four-channel aid to modulation.

Kermit has 4 channels of oscillation. These can be LFOs or audio rate oscillators two of which can handle 1v/oct tracking. But that’s not the half of it. They can also be one-shot envelopes, random voltage generators or sample-and-holds. Everything is programmable or controllable internally or externally and are managed by an internal modulation matrix and storable as presets.

It’s designed to be a very self-contained module that can be programmed to produce a wide range of modulations that are easily stored, recalled and pumped out of the 4 outputs. You can also load custom waveforms from an SD card.

IME Kermit Mk3

IME Kermit Mk3

As an audio oscillator is has a fuzzy, aggressive character best suited for low-end frequencies. It can be crushed down to 8bits and 32 samples if so desired.

Each channel can have its frequency, amplitude and waveform modulated through either external CV or internally by cross-modulation via the matrix. So you have channels modulating aspects of other channels in very interesting ways. There’s additional manual control over phase, waveform bank, morphing and amplitude. The OLED display does a decent job of keeping you informed on what you’re doing.

New in Mark III is the morphing preset manager which moves intriguingly from preset to preset discovering new and unexplored possibilities on the way.

Kermit is the kind of module you can lose yourself in when trying to put together unique and evolving forms of modulation and stands out from the crowd in both looks and functionality. It’s available now for €419.


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IME Kermit Mk3

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