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Joyo Tone Chain TC-1 pedal

Joyo Tone Chain TC-1 pedal  ·  Source: Joyo

Joyo Tone Chain TC-1

Joyo Tone Chain TC-1  ·  Source: Joyo


Joyo’s new Tone Chain TC-1 pedal is focussed on gain tones and packs in a bundle of features that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere in this price range.


Multi-function Pedal

Joyo is a brand we’ve covered quite a lot on Gearnews. Made in China, these budget-friendly pedals tend to offer a lot given the very accessible pricing. The Tone Chain TC-1 multi-function pedal is no exception.

Joyo Tone Chain TC-1

Joyo Tone Chain TC-1


The pedal has two different drive tones, labelled DS and OD. In addition, there’s also a delay effect. The four footswitches activate the distortion, overdrive and delay effects, with the one on the far left being used to tap the tempo and swutch on the built-in tuner. The controls knobs for each the effects consist of mix, feedback and time for the built-in delay; gain, level, tone and a lo/hi switch for the distortion; and drive, level and tone for overdrive. That should give you enough control to dial in a very usable guitar tone. A reverb would have been nice, too, but at this price point it’s difficult to complain.

Joyo Tone Chain TC-1

Beyond the three main effects, Joyo has included some useful features. These include a cabinet simulation, an FX loop send and return, plus stereo and balanced outputs. The latter makes it easy to integrate into a recording setup. The pedal even has an Aux input so that you can input your smartphone and jam along with backing tracks. Overall, that’s a pretty impressive feature set given the price. If you’re a guitar beginner or a need a cheap effects board, say as a backup or for a second project, this should be on your radar.

The official demo video below will give you an idea of what it can achieve. Follow my links below to the company’s official product page for the new Tone Chain TC-1 pedal.

RRP – USD 129.99

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2 responses to “Joyo Tone Chain TC-1: A stack of drive and distortion tones for those on a budget”

  1. Tommy says:

    Sure is a lot of features on this little pedal. I definitely feel like this blatant ripoff of Tech 21 Fly Rig shouldn’t exactly be praised. I definitely understand there is a product for everyone, and a budget conscious choice for every level of player or consumer. However, this repackaging of a New York company’s IP is shameful.

    Below I attached your review for the Fly Rig RK5 v2

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