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Josh Smith teases new Strat-style Ibanez FlatV-1

Josh Smith teases new Strat-style Ibanez FlatV-1  ·  Source: Instagram/Josh Smith/Thomann


The guitarist recently shared via his Instagram account what looks like a ST-style version of his recent Ibanez FlatV1 signature model. Does that mean we may potentially see a new double-cut version of the current Josh Smith signature model soon?


Josh Smith teases new guitar

The Instagram post from the blues-rock guitarist Josh Smith simply says “Aw shit………… Gonna play these a bit tonight!”, and that’s pretty much all we have to go on at the moment. However, the first image clearly shows what looks to be a Strat-style version of his signature Ibanez FlatV1 model. It looks similar to the recent wallet-friendly Ibanez AZES models, yet it appears to have a maple, or perhaps roasted maple fretboard, rather than a Jatoba fretboard. Josh’s current signature T-style guitar has an S-Techwood roasted maple neck and fretboard, so it would make sense for him to specify this again for this ST-style version.

Ibanez FlatV-1

Ibanez FlatV1, Josh Smith’s current signature guitar

Some AZ DNA?

The model is also similar in style to the popular AZ Premium and Prestige ranges, so there are a few possibilities here. It also seems to have a vintage-style T106 bridge, just like the AZES models, rather than a more modern-style, two-point trem bridge of the AZ Prestige and Premium models.



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The only other information we have comes from comments on the Instagram post itself. One reader posted “Wait… the S-Style isn’t a new sig model, is it?” to which Smith responded, “Not as of now but who knows, maybe a FlatV2 or a FlatVAS!”

Ibanez Josh Smith FlatV1

Ibanez Josh Smith with his FlatV1

So for now, it looks like it may either be a prototype, or maybe a one-off artist guitar for Smith. But it could also be the seed for a full production model that we may well see at some point. I would imagine that if Smith really likes the guitar and uses it frequently at live gigs, then there is a decent chance it will become an official model sometime in the not-to-distant future.

You can hear Josh putting his current signature model through some fuzz in the video below. Would you buy a FlatV2 or a FlatVAS if it were on the cards? Let us know in the comments section.

More Information on Ibanez

Josh Smith Video


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Josh Smith teases new Strat-style Ibanez FlatV-1

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3 responses to “Josh Smith teases new ST-style Ibanez FlatV1”

    AF says:

    Damn, that looks so good. Will get that one for sure. Pound for pound, Ibanez are absolutely the best value out there. F n G got a lot of catching up to do!

    Sebb says:

    Doubt that Ibanez will put these into production. When Josh joined Ibanez he told that they will make him a custom AZ strat with more vintage specs. He also mentioned that he will get some sort of 335 type of guitar.

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