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Joranalogue MORPH 4 and FOLD 6

Joranalogue MORPH 4 and FOLD 6  ·  Source: Joranalogue

Joranalogue modules are always packed with deep functionality and exciting possibilities. MORPH 4 is an array of dimensional modulation while FOLD 6 is simultaneous parallel wavefolding – nice.


You could be fooled into thinking this was just a Quad-VCA and you could certainly use it as such, but that would be to miss out on all the dimensional morphing. Joranalogue sees it as more of a modulation hub, the sort of module that will take the humble VCA to the next level. The key to this evolution is the Morph knob that rides all of the channels and affects them depending on the parameters and voltage controlling the outcomes. The response of each modulation is triangular with the “position” parameter setting the maximum point along the morph axis while “span” determines the width of the triangle base.

Are you getting the hang of this? No, me neither, but in simpler terms the MOPRH 4 ends up being a voltage controlled mixer, dual crossfader, dual panner, interpolating scanner, interpolating distributor, quad VCA, quadraphonic controller, slope modifier, rectifier, complex waveshaper and everything in between.

Here’s a demonstration from the Dutch Modular Fest:


Wavefolding is a bit easier to grasp and with the FOLD 6 we can enjoy the folding of waveforms to create more complex tones. The FOLD 6 has a 6-stage hybrid series/parallel topology which means you can fold in series or in parallel and have both outputs available at the same time. You have 2 inputs allowing you to mix two waves together or use a voltage to do some asymmetric folding. For a bit more fun they’ve built in a soft clipper to bend the edges and throw in a few more harmonics.

So, what you get with the FOLD 6 is a very versatile wavefolder capable of a very wide palette of tones and timbres in just 4HP.

Both are available in October and the prices are yet to be announced.

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  1. Vincent Rice says:

    Hilarious. Yeah I’ll just watch 8 HOURS of Dutch electronic noodling to find the section on the Morph 4… and then I’ll do it again!

    Nice one Robin.

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