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Delta Sound Labs Fold

Delta Sound Labs Fold  ·  Source: Delta Sound Labs, Gearnews


Delta Sound Labs has released Fold, a creative distortion plug-in. With drive, wavefolding, crush and filter modules and plenty of modulation, Fold has got a few tricks up its sleeve.


Delta Sound Labs Fold

Fold by Delta Sound Labs is a modular distortion synthesis plug-in based on a chain of several modules. The developer says that it’s capable of creating harmonically rich overtones and completely transforming signals with a unique form of distortion.

The signal passes through a resonant high pass filter first. Then it reaches a series of three distortion modules.

Drive is an amplitude dependent distortion module that lets you crossfade between soft and hard clipping. After that is the Fold stage. This module folds the waveform back onto itself, which creates rich timbres and overtones, Delta Sound Labs says. Wavefolding is a popular technique in Buchla-inspired west coast synthesis and it’s especially useful on simple sounds like sine waves or single guitar notes.

The final distortion stage is called Crush, which quantizes the input signal to create a bit crushing effect. A single knob controls rate and depth simultaneously. A resonant low pass filter and FX amount knob are at the end of the chain.


The Drive, Fold, Crush and LP modules all have their own dedicated LFO for modulation. The LFOs offer sine, square and saw waveshapes and can sync to the host tempo. There’s also a mappable phase reset button for each LFO. This means that Fold should be capable of a wide variety of rhythmically modulated distortion effects. Add to that the ability to automate everything in your DAW, and you’ve got a creative sound design tool that’s more than just a distortion effect.

Price and compatibility

Delta Sound Labs Fold is now available for USD 49. The company also offers the Alpha Bundle for USD 89, which includes Fold and the Stream granular plug-in.

The plug-in requires macOS 10.13 or higher (10.14 or higher recommended) or Windows 10 or higher. It’s available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

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Delta Sound Labs Fold

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