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Jacktrip offers uncompressed low-latency audio streaming.  ·  Source: Jacktrip


Newly launched at NAMM 2022 this weekend, Jacktrip is an uncompressed audio streaming solution for real-time musical collaboration. As a musician, Jacktrip makes it possible to participate in remote projects involving up to 480 live connections.


As you can imagine, both the supply and the demand for professional remote audio solutions have recently increased. While most remote apps focus on the audio quality and latency of a single remote connection, Jacktrip aims to expand the possibilities of projects in studios, online broadcast facilities, performance venues, and for collaborators working from home.

What makes Jacktrip different?

Jacktrip offers a limited free plan and several tiered subscriber plans for different user needs. There are also two Jacktrip Bridge hardware solutions: While the Jacktrip Analog Bridge starter kit caters to those using integrated audio interfaces, the Digital Bridge syncs with your existing compatible external interface.

Overall, it does sound appealing, and the other offerings like Jacktrip Soundscapes and Jacktrip Radio make it attractive to users across many different disciplines within the industry. However, there are still a few questions left unanswered regarding professional workflow integration.

If you are aiming to support a fledgling company and its products in good faith, by all means, dive in. The jury is still out though. I would like to see more examples of the products in action before I give it any form of endorsement.

Many startups use the same approach for new customers as they do when onboarding investors, it’s a common mistake. So, as much as we’d like to buy into the dream – we need concrete evidence of the efficacy of the product first!


Pricing and availability:

The Jacktrip Analog Bridge and Digital Bridge starter kits are currently available on Amazon for $249 and $149.99 respectively.

Aside from the free plan, Jacktrip subscriptions start at $10/month for the Basic Plan and go up to $250/month for the Concert Hall Plan.

More about streaming and platforms:


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One response to “Jacktrip: Welcome to network based music performance”

    Sean says:

    Man, this would be awesome for rehearsal at my church. Its fairly far out of the city and musicians would probably view it as a major benefit to not have to drive to the church for rehearsal. Or if we have bad weather etc.
    But based on the video, it seems a little too involved to get everyone connected (ie drums, vox mics, gtrs, bass), lots of preamp type boxes needed to make this work

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