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iZotope Neoverb

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A couple of years down, iZotope’s Exponential Audio purchase has now resulted in a flagship reverb plug-in called Neoverb. It combines Exponential’s reverb tech with iZotope’s machine learning algorithms. The meeting of the two has delivered the first reverb plug-in with a built-in Reverb Assistant. Just like oZone and Neutron, the Reverb Assistant will listen to your audio and adjust parameters in real-time. This happens in accordance with the source material – vocals, instruments, whatever be it.

iZotope Neoverb

Furthermore, Neoverb features a reverb Blend Pad that lets you cook up a mix of reverbs – a bit of plate, a bit of room, a bit of hall and you get your own unique reverb space. Moreover, the pre and post EQs are also intelligent, taking care to shape the reverb and retain clarity.

There are also four Tone selections that let you tune the reverb for a darker or airier sound. Each reverb type comes with its own set of Size controls which work while Neoverb automatically blends reverbs and adjusts parameters.

Neoverb also borrows a bunch of useful features from Neutron. More specific, there’s Unmask, which gives EQ suggestions to help the reverb cut through. AutoCut automatically makes cuts in the pre-EQ to reduce resonances. And then there’s the Masking Meter, which communicates with the rest of iZotope’s plug-ins to show you if and where the reverb is clouding other tracks in the session.

What else is there? Oh, yeah – a one knob input compressor for evening out the reverb in terms of dynamics; Modulation – two modes of subtle modulation, including classic chorus. Resizable GUI, and over a hundred presets done by iZotope’s sound designers. If the iZotope and Neutron presets are anything to judge by, Neoverb will be excellent in this regard.

Price and availability

The introductory price is USD 199, down from USD 249. The offer is good until November 10. Upgrade paths are available, and iZotope has regular sales. So there will be plenty of opportunities to sort out a Neoverb purchase on a budget.

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